About Aster VC
Aster VC is a venture capital fund focusing on the most innovative global solutions in the deep tech fields with the main areas of investment in new gadgets, alt_robotics, energy, quantum, chemistry and advanced/smart materials. With strong network among VCs and professional investors in UAE and Saudi Arabia we create and realize effective strategies of expansion and growth for your startup from Seed round to IPO.
Core Team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
  • Elena Aster
    • 10+ years experience in startups, tech and venture capital investments
    • Work with private investors and funds in MENA region
    • Master degree in applied Physics and Mathematics in Science at MIPT, Faculty of Aerospace Research
    • Since 2010, have been actively involved in entrepreneurial activities (made exit in 2015 from the largest marketplace in CIS countries, totally raised more than $80mln);
    • Since 2017 – investment and fundraising activities in the field of high technologies (AI, VR/AR, Robotics, Deep tech, IOT etc). Building venture portfolios for family offices and high-net-worth individuals worldwide
    • Top Women in Tech from Europe in 2021 (IBT)
    • MBA degree in Arts&Business
  • Ilya Paraushkin
    Education: KSU im. K.E. Tsiolkovsky.

    Faculty of Biology and Chemistry.

    Fellowship: Ecology and Botany.

    Specialization: Closed ecosystems.

    Expert in Biotechnology
    and Deep Tech Ecosystems

Target industries
Alternative Energy
  • Energy storage
  • Microenergy
  • Autonomous systems
  • Alternative energy sources
  • New types of energy production

  • New movers
  • Soft robots
  • Original niche solutions
  • Microrobots
  • Highly autonomous robotic systems
  • Biological and chemical robotic agents
  • Exoskeletons and elements of exoskeletons
  • Artificial muscles
  • Cyborgization

Smart Materials
  • Original alloys with application scenarios
  • Shape memory materials
  • Energy absorbers and storage materials
  • Dynamic aggregate state materials
  • New materials with unusual properties

Advanced Materials
  • New materials with increased physical characteristics
  • New materials for original application scenarios
  • Sophisticated materials with multifunctionality
  • Original polymers
  • Eco-materials
  • Bionic materials

  • Original solutions in the field of individual mobility
  • Autonomous
  • Transport systems
  • Avionics solutions
  • River transport solutions
  • Transport security systems

  • Any unusual gadgets, devices and objects with interesting functionality

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