Elena Aster – founder of Aster VC.

Graduated from Aerophysics and Space Research Faculty of MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), Master degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics.

Since 2010 is actively engaged in entrepreneurship (founded several startups and made 2 exits), in 2017 started investment activities in high technology industry. Searching for the best technologies in tech field. Work with private Investors, family offices and VCs in MENA region.

Fundraising documents
  • Investment presentation
  • Financial mode
  • Business plan / Competitor analysis
Fundraising for tech companies and startups
  • Access to the investor's network in Russia, UAE, China, Europe, USA
  • Roadshow in UAE, Saudi Arabia (Dubai March 2021)
Due dilligence
  • Choosing a jurisdiction for a holding company
  • Preparing term-sheet / safe / convertible note
  • Legal services at all stages of closing the transaction
Personal consultation
  • For startups and tech companies entering global market
Portfolio projects and partners
Our clients
Elena Aster helped us to develop a fundraising strategy, identify a pool of target investors in Russia and organize roadshow in Dubai, where we presented the project to a wide range of target market representatives – from private investors and VCs to the office of the Prime Minister.
Anton Rudov
Elena Aster has a large network of investors. In less than a month, Elena attracted two angels to our deeptech project – an AR motorcycle helmet. I would like to note her professionalism and focus on the result. If you need investment in your startup, I highly recommend contacting Elena.
Andrey Artishev
СЕО LiveMap (AR Motohelmets)
We seriously considered of attracting venture funding after the international expansion of the business. It was difficult for us to evaluate a company with existing assets and technology. Elena helped us to develop a strategy, evaluate the company, prepare all the documentation to start communicating with funds. After that we closed round very fast.
Andrey Berezenkov
CMO Anvio VR
We are grateful to Elena for attracting additional private investors, which allowed us to increase the total size of the pre-A round in FIXAR. We highly appreciate the professional work that led to the quick closing of the deal.
Ravil Kidryachev
Financial Manager FIXAR
(Commercial VTOL drones)